Sunday, March 27, 2011

Pakistan girls are beautiful and sexy


This is the largest city in all of Pakistan and also happens to be the financial capital. The total area of Karachi is several times (5) bigger than Singapore.
karachi  girls


Lahore is the second largest city of Pakistan and is the capital of Punjab province.
lahore  girls


This fast growing nation had an annual growth rate in the 2% range until 1998 -- after which the annual growth rate has reached double digits.
sukkur  girls


This is the capital city of Pakistan.
islamabad  girls


This ancient city has changed hands several times and was settled most recently by the Mughals in the 16th century.
peshawar  girls


This city has a fantastic variety of plant and animal life and is often called the "Fruit Garden of Pakistan".
quetta  girls


This city has a large number of shrines. The population of the Multan District is over 3.8 million according to the 1998 census.
multan  girls


The city has a population of over 2 million and the district has well over 5 million people. In 1901, the population was under 10,000 people.
faisalabad  girls


This city borders Jammu in India. It has been under control of several forces from Persian, Greek, Afghan, Turk, and Sikh rule.
sialkot  girls


The population of Gujranwala is a tad over a million people. It is the seventh largest city in Pakistan and has several commercial and industrial centres.
gujranwala  girls


The city is at an elevation of 4,120 feet. This city was named after James Abbott of the British that settled there in 1848.
abbotabad  girls


The British invaded this city in 1849 and it has now come to serve as the nation's military headquarters.
rawalpindi  girls


Punjabi is a widely spoken language of the area.
sargodha  girls

There is a constant struggle between Indians and Pakistanis as to whose women are the best looking. Indians will undoubtedly say that their women look the greatest -- the Pakistanis will do the same.
But for most non South Asians, there really is no difference between these women.
Pakistan is increasingly becoming westernized despite all the media sources citing the fringe islamic element in the country. In the end, Pakistani women are and can be put up against the best of all the girls on the planet.

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